Pre-Medical Sciences Academy

Pre Med Students at XRAY

The Pre-Medical Sciences academy is a three-year program that will emphasize science, math and language skills.

  • Classes include orientation to health occupations, exploration of health occupations and medical skills and services.
  • This program is designed to provide students with an academic foundation in a variety of medical sciences and related careers.
  • Students are immersed in a hands-on technologically advanced curriculum that includes dissection, labs, and the use of a Z-Space 3D virtual lab.
  • The Pre-Medical Sciences program will assist students in the decision-making process of becoming a health professional as they enter high school.

Completion of the Pre-Medical Academy may allow students to receive:

  • Preferred status when applying to the medical sciences academy at John I. Leonard High School.
  • CPR & First Aid Certification
  • High School Credit in Medical Skills